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How Compass uses Canny to inform product decisions and build a community between internal teams and their customers

Sean Carrell
Director of Product Support

Many companies have tried to master the combination of real estate and technology. None have truly excelled at delivering the right tech that their frontline agents need to set themselves apart.

Compass is both a real estate company, and a technology company—and they’re obsessed with customer feedback. With Canny, their product managers get instantaneous, unfiltered feedback and insight. This greatly speeds up the development to implementation process.

Sean Carrell is the manager of Compass’ product support team. His team is also the administrator of all incoming feedback.

“Agent feedback is central to our decision-making process, so we make sure that feedback is being escalated to the right product teams. It should be recorded in a thoughtful, non-duplicative, and actionable way.”

Besides managing feedback, Sean also makes sure customers are engaged with the product. Users getting the most out of the platform is a priority.

His team helps keep customers engaged by stepping in and resolving their issues.

“This way we can keep them focused, instead of getting stuck with bugs or concerns over features that haven’t been built.


Before Canny, Compass didn’t have any one source of truth for customer feedback.

The main issue was the time and effort product managers spent trying to gather and make sense of feedback.

“Product managers had to go to many disparate locations to pull feedback together and figure out what to build next.”

Since Compass has several product managers, going through the feedback to find only what was relevant to them was a challenge.

They wanted to achieve the following goals:

  • Get all feedback together into one organized place.
  • Give customers an easy-to-use tool to communicate their requests and feedback.
  • Create a streamlined communication cycle between internal teams and their customers.

Canny was the perfect fix for the challenges Compass was facing.

They wanted one central repository for customer feedback.

“Our product managers needed something to rely on. They know they’re not missing feedback from other feeds or channels.”

Besides consolidating information sources, team members now also have access to extra information.

“There’s times where we reach out and connect with customers who left feedback. This way we can understand their feedback better and add details and color.”

This helps the product teams better understand what it is that they need to build, why it matters to customers, and the level of urgency.

Compass users also have a better experience giving feedback, as it’s now easier and faster. Reduced effort has encouraged users to reach out more.

“One of the things we love most about Canny is the simple interface. It’s easy for our customers to use, so there is less friction when they’re trying to give us feedback.”

Overall, the internal teams at Compass have welcomed Canny with open arms.

“Our teams love Canny. They love having a single source of truth for all customer feedback. It really helps them get a sense of what the customer voice is.”


When we asked Sean about clear benefits Compass has seen from using Canny, he highlighted three main things.

The first benefit? Using Canny saves both time and resources for all teams working at Compass.

Product managers don’t have to go looking for feedback in different channels. It’s all in one organized place, ready to be distributed to the appropriate teams.

“It provides us with one streamlined process for collecting and funneling customer feedback.”

Compass also uses Canny to track bugs. This has smoothed out the reporting process, and removed a lot of siloed conversations. All the relevant people are notified automatically, which saves a lot of time.

“It definitely saves time and effort for our ops team, our customer facing teams, and product and engineering teams.”

The second benefit lies in bringing teams together and increasing internal transparency.

Using Canny has helped customer-facing teams feel like they’re influencing the product roadmap in a thoughtful way.

“Understanding that we’re building based on what's in Canny gives them a higher sense of control. This also means a greater sense of ownership over the customer voice.”

And thirdly, Sean emphasizes the importance of a tool like Canny when it comes to providing a sense of community.

“It really does create this sense of building together, that the customer is a part of the community, helping us make the best product that we can.”

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