Put feedback management on Autopilot—introducing our new AI features

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Put feedback management on Autopilot—introducing our new AI features

We all know that great feedback can elevate a product from good to amazing.

However, managing mountains of feedback is tough, especially when it’s coming from many different sources. That’s why we’re excited to launch Canny Autopilot!

Autopilot is our suite of AI-powered features that automate feedback management and give you back your time.

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“AI is exploding. It’s this new unlock in the world. Everybody is thinking—how can we use it to provide value to our customers? For us, there’s this obvious opportunity. Our customers are already tracking feedback. If we can do this for them seamlessly and automatically (and better than they can do it themselves), that’s a huge value-add right there.”

Andrew Rasmussen, co-founder

Autopilot uses AI to handle your manual tasks. It collects and sorts feedback, finds duplicates, replies to users, summarizes long threads, and more. This lets you focus on improving your product based on what users really need.

Our beta users are already saving time and getting better insights.

Autopilot feedback from beta users

“I’m really loving the new [Autopilot] beta. It’s been awesome. It makes me engage with your product on a daily rather than every week or two. So, props to your team to developing this feature because it’s made our usage of your product to go up by a crazy amount!”

Keenan Jones, VP of Product at Credit Repair Cloud

Even if it only takes you a minute to capture feedback from a user, that still adds up to hours saved over time.

Let’s explore how Autopilot saves you time and helps you more effectively manage feedback.

What is Autopilot?

Feedback Discovery: automated feedback collection

Connect Autopilot with your favorite tools like Intercom, Help Scout, Zendesk, and Gong. Watch as it sifts through customer chats, detecting valuable feedback and funneling it right into Canny. This automation cuts down on manual sorting and ensures no feedback gets missed.

We’ve thoroughly tested and optimized our AI, and it very accurately extracts customer feedback. Autopilot is able to capture more feedback than humans.

“We don’t just have a single-stage process. We’re not going straight to the API asking, “What is the feedback here?” or “Is there a bug report in this?” Instead, we have a multi-stage process where we ask one small question at a time. This means we have higher fidelity and accuracy than competitors.

We also don’t cheap out on the models we use. No matter which Canny plan you’re on, you’re still getting the same level of accuracy with extraction and deduplication.”

Niall Dickin, engineer

We spent a lot of time building, iterating, and perfecting Autopilot’s feedback discovery. It started as a proof of concept that one of our engineers built. Then, we built an MVP and released it to beta users. After six months of beta, we’re incredibly excited to take it live.

“The rate at which the field is advancing is a little challenging. Lots of things are happening at once. Canny is a small, bootstrapped team, and we have to keep up with other projects as well.

I’ve been the dedicated engineer on this project, so my daily tasks have included keeping up with AI news, benchmarking new models, and using what’s best for our customers.”


Organize feedback in one place

Autopilot puts all new and detected feature requests in one spot. You can connect various feedback sources and automatically extract feedback from them. Autopilot will also identify duplicates and merge them to keep your feedback tidy.

You can go with full automation and let Autopilot create posts and votes for you. You’ll be able to see a log of all actions and easily undo them if need be.

Autopilot doesn’t just collect feedback. It also connects it back to the users. Even if feedback is collected automatically, we ensure users are connected to their requests. This way, you can still segment and better understand the urgency of requests. They also get updated as you work on their suggestions. This enhances user satisfaction and trust in your product.

Smart duplicate management

Autopilot is great at spotting when the same feature request pops up more than once. It merges these duplicates and upvotes them for your customers. This keeps your feedback boards clear and focused.

“Autopilot will automate and bring home feedback that would otherwise get missed. Support moves quickly. Canny Autopilot can follow behind and pick up those crumbs to help you build a better system. You don’t need to train your teams or customers to do anything new.”

Jacques Reulet, customer support

Engage better and faster with Smart Replies

Autopilot responds to every feedback post with intelligent questions that sound like you. It helps you uncover additional context. This means you can quickly ask for further details without typing everything yourself.

“You can really understand the sentiment of what your customers are asking for. This way, you can thoughtfully take care of their needs.”

Julia Valade, customer success

Save time with Comment Summaries

Autopilot can also summarize the main points from really popular ideas with many comments. This helps you see what matters most without reading through every single comment.

Seamless integrations

It’s simple to connect Autopilot with your favorite customer support tools. Whether you use Intercom, Zendesk, Help Scout, or Gong, setting it up is straightforward. We’re always adding more integrations, too.

If you have a feedback source we don’t support yet, send text in via our API endpoint and Canny will detect feedback there as well.

Why you’ll love Autopilot:

  • Never miss feedback again. Be confident that you’re catching nearly all customer feedback.
  • Save time. Let Autopilot handle the routine tasks so you can focus on making important decisions.
  • Understand your customers better. Get a clear view of what your users really need and want. This will help you choose which features to work on next.

Not just about AI

We want to be very clear—Autopilot was not made to check the AI box. We want to transform how you manage feedback and AI helps us do that. You can count on Autopilot’s reliability and accuracy to many Canny your source of truth for feedback. With Autopilot, you can reach your goals faster.

How Autopilot fits into Canny’s vision

Canny Autopilot aligns perfectly with our vision—building better products through feedback. That’s hard to do at scale and Autopilot solves that.

Autopilot makes capturing feedback easier and more reliable than ever. With its high accuracy, you won’t miss out on valuable insights. This not only saves you time but also ensures that every voice is heard and considered.

“Canny’s Autopilot ensures feature requests never fall through the cracks. We’ve seen an 80% increase in requests logged since introducing Autopilot.”

Owen Doherty, COO, Orca Scan

A more complete and organized feedback collection process helps you better understand your users. It also lets you prioritize the features your users truly care about. This alignment with user needs drives product development forward.

Managing feedback across a growing customer base becomes challenging. Autopilot scales smoothly with your growth. It handles increased volumes of feedback without losing accuracy. This makes it an ideal solution for larger clients who need robust feedback systems to match their scale.

“We are a small, agile, and bootstrapped team. We’re not at all worried about impressing VCs with fancy terminology. Our number one investor is our customer. We aren’t going to ship functionality that doesn’t work.”

Dan Murray, engineer

Bottom line: Autopilot reduces manual work, saves time, and improves performance

Canny Autopilot takes the manual work out of feedback. This lets you focus on building better products. It makes managing feedback realistic for teams at any scale. 

Ready to put your feedback management on Autopilot?

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