Our story —
Meet the founders
As a user, giving feedback was always disappointing. We're setting out to change that. Hailing from Facebook, building product is our bread and butter. We're a nimble team, laser-focused on creating the best product experiences.
Sarah Hum

Lover of parfaits and a cappella enthusiast 🎵 After graduating from graphic design, Sarah worked at Facebook. She designed on Messenger with the best of the best.

Fun fact: Canny really started back in design school. She cringes looking back at the original designs.

Andrew: Sarah is insanely talented and humble. She brings our ideas to life in no time. I wouldn't stand a chance at doing this without her.
Andrew Rasmussen

Software engineer by day ☀️ rock climber by night 🌙 Andrew also worked at Facebook, where he was one of the first engineers to work on the popular open source project, React Native.

If you ever run into a bug while using Canny, it's his fault and he's very sorry.

Sarah: Andrew slings code better than anybody I know. His confidence in reaching our aggressive goals perfectly balances my (healthy dose of) pessimism. Our differences are our biggest strength 💪
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