Our storyAs a user, giving feedback was always disappointing. We're setting out to change that. With roots from Facebook, building product is our bread and butter. We're using what we're great at, building great products, to have the impact we want to have on the world.
Our teamCanny’s team is small and nimble. We are fully bootstrapped and we work remotely. Individually, we are masters at our own craft. Together, we make a killer combo; laser-focused on creating the best product experiences and helping others do the same.
Sarah Hum

Lover of parfaits and a cappella enthusiast 🎵After graduating from graphic design, Sarah worked at Facebook. She designed on Messenger with the best of the best.

Fun fact: Canny really started back in design school. She cringes looking back at the original designs.

Andrew Rasmussen

Software engineer by day ☀️rock climber by night 🌙Andrew also worked at Facebook, where he was one of the first engineers to work on the popular open source project, React Native.

If you ever run into a bug while using Canny, it's his fault and he's very sorry.

Dan Murray

Avid experience collector and nutrition nut 🥜 Before joining Canny, Dan was at Tesla working on firmware, diagnostics, and making lots of Model 3s.

If you ever run into a bug while using Canny, it's Andrew's fault and Dan's very sorry.

Elen Veenpere

Typer of words with a spreadsheet fetish. Enjoys drinking disgusting amounts of coffee ☕️and being a scepticist. A seasoned marketing advisor for over 30 startups, most recently worked at Groove.

Fun fact: has a completely irrational fear of balloons. Hates most birthday parties as a result.

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