Canny lets your users post & vote on new features
Canny lets your teammates post & vote on brainstorm ideas
Canny lets your beta testers post & vote on feedback
Canny lets your   post & vote on  
Each post represents one idea. For example, a feature request.
Users express their interest in an idea by voting. It's that simple!
"We used to respond to so many emails – now we respond to one Canny post."

Show your users you're listening
Host on our site or embed in yours
The best way to get feedback is from within your product.
Canny Subdomain →Embedded Widget →
Limit your audience with privacy settings
Public, unlisted, and private boards allow you to limit who you get feedback from.
  • All users
  • Internal team
  • Beta testing group
Status updates
Keep your users in the loop
Follow up with clarifying questions or to get feedback on designs.
Status Updates
Let everyone know when the feature they want is ready to use!
Connect with your existing user accounts
Single sign-on makes giving feedback extremely easy. Less friction, more feedback.
Vote on behalf of your users
Capture the feedback you get via other channels like email and live chat. Don't let feedback slip through the cracks!

Get your user feedback under control

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