Canny featuresEverything you need to navigate the customer feedback loop
Canny's features create a complete feedback loop
Capture insights from your customers and teammates in one organized place.
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Canny features that help collect feedback
Identify Users
Automatically tie feedback to your existing user accounts
User Segmentation
Filter feedback to user groups you care about e.g. paying customers
Board Privacy
Choose different privacy options to limit access to your boards
Vote on Behalf
Track feedback manually by adding a customer to a post
Internal Comments
Discuss ideas privately with your team while keeping everything in context
Add another level of organization to your posts
Feel at home with your logo, brand colors, and prompts
Communicate what your team is working on in one simple view.
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Canny features for showing off your product roadmap
Status Updates
Close the feedback loop with status updates sent via email
Date estimates
Set expectations better with an estimation on when the feature will be available
Announce product updates to engage people with your newest features.
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Canny features to share your newest features
Embed updates directly into your product to boost awareness and engagement
Schedule releases
Coordinate updates to go out with other marketing efforts
Easily format entries with rich text and inline images for readability
Enable filtering down to specific areas in your product
Start saving time collecting and organizing feedback
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