Idea management software helps you make the most of your ideas

Canny streamlines your idea management process so you can extract insights and build better products.

Several lightbulbs representing new ideas

Capture, organize, and collaborate on the most valuable ideas

An idea board in Canny that helps collect ideas from teammates and customers

One place for all ideas

Product ideas come in through many channels from both customers and teammates. Get valuable insights by gathering all ideas in one idea management tool.

  • Capture ideas at scale in a manageable way
  • Turn customer feedback into new product ideas
  • See a list of new features or improvements based on demand
Assigning specific types of ideas to to the relevant person in the organization

Triage ideas to the right person

Product managers own different areas of the product. Make sure the ideas they see are relevant to their product area.

  • Make it easy for product managers to collaborate with customers and develop ideas
  • Use tags and segments to let your team see ideas that matter to them
  • Empower product teams with data so they build the right features
Idea status updates with product notes keeps stakeholders in the loop

Manage expectations across the board

Not every feature should be built. Communicate to customers and teammates which features have been prioritized.

  • Provide explanations for product decisions
  • Maintain a public roadmap to show which ideas you're working on
  • Automatically send alerts when ideas people follow are updated
  • Encourage collaboration on prioritized features
Collect ideas and votes from all your stakeholders

Develop innovative ideas with your stakeholders

Canny's idea management system lets customers, employees, and users add new ideas, vote for ones they like, and discuss them. Collaboration drives innovation — engage with your community to fuel your ideation process.

  • Smart idea submission - users can add ideas to your feedback board or add their support to existing ideas. Canny suggests existing ideas to ensure you don't get duplicates.
  • Engage your community - interact with stakeholders on the ideas that matter to them.
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