Canny is a simple, focused Trello roadmap alternative

Canny is a Trello alternative

Trello is a generic tool, Canny was made for this

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Look professional
The Canny experience is optimized specifically for customer feedback.
Look cheap
Trello was not made for this and your customers will be able to tell.
Connect to existing user accounts
Automatically understand who is giving you feedback.
Users must have a Trello account
This creates a barrier for them and gets you less feedback.
Keep users updated
We'll notify your users when you reply or update statuses.
Disconnected feedback loops
Your attempts to respond or give updates will be left unheard.
Identify your team
Everyone on your team who responds will have a 
 next to their name.
Get lost in the crowd
Your team's responses look the same as any user's response.
First class support
You won’t need us often but when you do, we’ll be here.
Poor support
Fill out the support form and wait in line for a response.
Words from a happy convert
"We had a scary Trello board and support was adding emails as comments on each card when they got an email with feature requests. It was a hot mess."
Chris Scott, Co-Founder at Swift Galleries
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