Canny is a simple, refreshing UserVoice alternative

Canny is a UserVoice alternative

Why people prefer Canny over UserVoice

Only the features you need
We’ll integrate with your existing workflow and allow other tools to do their jobs.
Feature bloated
Half the battle is figuring out which features you want to turn on.
Simple, straightforward design
Our widgets embed seamlessly into your product.
Outdated user interface
Their widgets will look out of place in your slick app.
First class support
You won’t need us often but when you do, we’ll be here.
Poor support
Are you a top tier customer? No? Looks like you’re on your own.
We have plans that work for early startups through enterprise. Try it now.
Talk to sales
You have to talk to a salesperson to even try their product.
Switch to Canny, the UserVoice alternative, with free data migration
Import your UserVoice data
If you are currently a UserVoice customer, we can import your data. It'll be easy and free.
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