One simple plan that scales with your customer growth
/ mo
100 tracked users i
+ $5/mo every 10 additional users
Unlimited teammates
Single sign-on
Status changes
Custom tags
User profiles
Vote on behalf
Slack Integration
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Private boards
Fixed pricing
Common Questions
What is a tracked user?
A tracked user is anybody who contributes feedback by posting, voting, or commenting. This also includes teammates.
How many tracked users should I expect?
From your total user base, you can expect 1%-10% to contribute feedback. It depends on how aggressively you ask for feedback.
What is a teammate?
Teammates have access to admin tools like status changes. They also get a
next to their name in posts.
Do you have any discounted plans?
We have special plans for open-source, non-profit, and bootstrapped products. 
Reach out
 to learn more.
Does Canny work for consumer products?
Yes! We're happy to work with you on custom pricing. Just 
contact us
What happens if I upgrade during my trial?
You can upgrade anytime during your trial. We won't charge you until your trial ends.
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