Build a public roadmap for your product

Share your roadmap to show off what your team is working on and collect valuable feedback.

Public roadmap graphic

Canny includes a simple public roadmap to engage your customers with upcoming features

Public roadmap

Show your commitment with a public roadmap

Be transparent about being customer‑driven.

  • Collect feedback and let everyone know what you’ll be working on
  • Show what your team is working on to improve the product
Status updates in a public roadmap

Keep everyone in the loop

Your stakeholders deserve to know what’s coming. Use a public roadmap to show your progress to the world.

  • Notify customers about new features to drive engagement
  • Let potential customers know you’re committed to constant improvement
  • Show teammates what's coming up from product
Increased satisfaction graph

Increase transparency and satisfaction

Utilizing feedback is a great way to show you care. Build trust and confidence to drive retention and gain promoters.

  • Make your roadmap public to build a brand around transparency
  • Increase NPS scores
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  • Definitely! Your product team can build as many roadmaps as you need, and as many feedback boards as you need. You can also associate each product owner or product manager with specific boards and roadmaps so they only see activity on the ones that matter to them.

  • Nope! While roadmapping is a big feature for us, we offer a full suite of product management tools. We can help you collect user feedback, manage it, analyze it, prioritize new features, build your public roadmap, and manage your changelog. You're covered for the entire feedback cycle!

  • Once you've set up your roadmap, you can add each new feature you plan to build to it. Canny also lets you add any ideas from your feedback board to a visual roadmap you build. This lets your stakeholders see what's being worked on next and understand your product plan. For more detailed info, check out our help doc.

  • We have plans to suit most companies' requirements and budgets. You can get started with our completely free product roadmap tools (actually!) and use them until you need more powerful features and integrations. Then, you can look at our Startup, Growth, or Business plans.

  • As many as you want! All Canny plans include unlimited contributors, so add everyone that you think can help you reach your product goals. While product teams are usually the most involved, adding team members from customer success, design, sales, software development, and project management is common (and very useful!).