Top 15 product management blogs

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Top 15 product management blogs

Why should you read product management blogs?

There are lots of ways to learn about product management. You can take a course, listen to a podcast, or read a book. What’s so special about blogs?

Reading product management blogs is like having a coffee chat with experts across the globe. You get to pick their brains on everything – from nailing your strategy to acing user experience. Plus, they keep you in the loop on trends and tools that could make or break your next project.

Why continuous learning is critical in product management

Staying sharp isn’t just a bonus – it’s essential. The more skills you gain, the better you navigate through challenges. Continuous learning is that secret sauce that helps you grow, adapt, and lead.

With AI and tech evolving at breakneck speed, resting on your laurels means falling behind. If you’re not learning, you’re not just standing still. You’re moving backward compared to everyone else who’s charging ahead. Staying competitive means keeping your knowledge fresh.

Here’s the kicker: learning isn’t just about climbing the career ladder. It’s about making products that truly stand out. Product management today is a world where AI can outpace human creativity. So, being someone who knows how to leverage new tech to solve real-world problems is invaluable. That’s how you build a great product.

Ready to explore? We’ve rounded up some top product management blogs for you. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to deepen your expertise, you’ll find a blog for you. Each one’s a window into the brains of those who’ve made their mark. They offer shortcuts to success and a hefty dose of inspiration.

Top blogs for beginning product managers

Are you looking to build foundational knowledge? Or maybe understand the latest product management trends? These resources are your go-to guides. Each of these product management blogs offers unique insight and advice. Let’s take a closer look at what makes each blog a must-read.

SVPG Insights

SVPG stands for Silicon Valley Product Group. This blog delves into the intricacies of product management and leadership. Marty Cagan is a well-known product manager, and he’s also a founder of this blog. He’s worked at HP, eBay, and other prominent companies. Now, he shares their insights and opinions on:

  • Product strategy and vision
  • Product design and user experience
  • Leadership and team-building

Learning from product experts who’ve done it all is actually useful. You’re not just exploring theory, you’re getting actionable advice. So check out this blog.

SVPG blog
Source: SVPG

Product School

The Product School blog has a clear title: “Become a product manager.” It’s a treasure trove for an aspiring product leader. It helps you become a product expert by offering practical tips and insights straight from industry leaders. You can learn about:

  • Storytelling in product management
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Designing products

The blog serves up informative and truly engaging content. They also host several events every year – another great way to learn about the industry.

HubSpot Marketing blog

The HubSpot Marketing blog is well-known, but most assume it’s only for marketers. In fact, this blog has lots of great information for product managers too.

If you’re interested in product marketing specifically, check out this blog. The HubSpot blog covers topics essential for a product marketing manager, such as:

  • Strategies for effective product launches
  • How to use content marketing to build product awareness
  • Techniques for using social media to engage with potential users
  • SEO tips to increase product visibility online
  • Email marketing strategies to nurture leads and convert them into customers

These topics help product managers understand how to market their products effectively.

Hubspot blog
Source: Hubspot blog

The Product Collective

The Product Collective blog offers a range of deep dives into crucial topics for product managers:

  • Product pricing
  • Positioning
  • Empowering teams
  • Innovation skills
  • Stakeholder management

It’s a resource-rich platform that covers the essentials for anyone looking to sharpen their product management skills.

Must-read blogs for senior product managers

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, some content gets repetitive. But remember – you need to always keep learning! Here are some resources tailored for a senior product manager.

Reforge blog

The Reforge blog stands out for its curated insights from top minds in Silicon Valley. It includes veterans from companies like Stripe and Google. You can learn directly from the brains behind the most significant tech successes.

This blog is particularly valuable for its real-world applications and case studies. It bridges theory with the practicalities of product management in a tech-driven world. Some of their topics include:

  • Advanced growth strategies
  • Product-led growth techniques
  • User acquisition and retention
  • Monetization and pricing models
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Leadership in product teams
  • Scaling product operations
Reforgre blog
Source: Reforce blog

Product Talk by Teresa Torres

Product Talk is curated by Teresa Torres. It’s an essential read for senior product managers looking to refine their leadership and decision-making skills.

Who’s Teresa Torres? She’s an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and coach. Teresa teaches a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery. It helps product teams use customer feedback to guide their daily product decisions.

Teresa’s expertise shines through in her thoughtful exploration of complex product management challenges and the strategies to overcome them. The blog focuses on:

  • Leadership
  • Product discovery
  • Making better product decisions
Product Talk blog
Source: Product Talk

The Review

The Review by First Round is a bit different. It’s not just about product management but also SaaS and startups. You can find actionable advice from founders, product leaders, and tech visionaries. They teach how to:

  • Build teams
  • Shape culture
  • Drive innovation within fast-paced, high-growth environments
The Review by First Round
Source: First Round

Intercom’s blog

Intercom blends insights on product management, design, and customer support. It gives advice for enhancing user experience and engagement. Product managers that focus on building user-centric products – this one’s for you.

Intercom explores a variety of topics including:

  • Enhancing user experience and interface design
  • Strategies for effective customer support and engagement
  • Product development and roadmap planning
  • Insights on startup growth and scaling
  • Best practices for sales and marketing alignment
Intercom's blog
Source: Intercom

Special mention: blogs with a unique perspective

Once you’ve read a few product management articles, they can get kind of repetitive. That’s when you need a slightly different and unique perspective. This is exactly what these blogs offer.

They provide fresh, sometimes unconventional insights that can inspire innovation and provoke thought. Let’s look at a few standout blogs that bring something different to the table.


Canny’s blog is all about making products better with user feedback. It’s a go-to for tips on listening to your users and using their feedback to make your product awesome. The blog covers:

  • Getting feedback
  • Deciding what to do with it
  • Keeping users in the loop

Canny’s blog shares tips from top product and SaaS experts. Their advice is easy to follow and really works. Canny is a leading product management tool and often shares practical guides for common PM challenges.

This blog has a few distinct sections:

If you want to make a product people love, Canny’s blog is a must-read.

The Department of Product

The Department of Product is a rich resource for product managers at any level. It offers insights into product strategy, design, and management. The blog is known for its practical advice and deep dives into the challenges of product management. It’ll guide you through:

  • Creating and managing successful products
  • Product strategy
  • Product management skills
  • Career development

This blog isn’t just theory. It’s focused on real-world applications and strategies. Their articles often include examples, case studies, and actionable steps.

Roman Pichler’s blog

Roman Pichler’s blog is a standout resource for agile product management and leadership.

Roman Pichler is a leading product management expert specializing in product strategy, leadership, and Agile principles. He has advised product leaders and taught product managers and owners for over 15 years. 

Roman shares insights on:

  • Creating effective product strategies
  • Building roadmaps
  • Leading product teams
  • Project management

Product Coalition

Product Coalition is unique. It’s a collective hub that pools together articles from product management thought leaders. This blog aggregates a wide variety of voices and experiences. The readers get a diverse range of perspectives and methodologies. Some product management topics this blog covers include:

  • Agile methodologies and practices
  • User experience and design thinking
  • Product strategy and roadmap planning
  • Leadership and team management in product development
  • Trends in technology and their impact on product management

The Girls in Tech blog

The Girls in Tech blog focuses on empowering women in technology. It addresses challenges women face in the tech industry and offers insights from female leaders. Topics include:

  • Career advice
  • Interviews with female CEOs
  • Strategies for overcoming industry barriers

This blog provides inspiration, empowerment, and practical advice for women.

Girls in Tech blog
Source: Girls in Tech


Drift’s blog is a rich resource for product managers. Do you want to understand and implement strategies that make customer interactions more human and less transactional? Drift shares innovative ways to do that. It also focuses

  • Chatbots
  • Personalized messaging
  • Real-time communication
  • AI

All these tools can enhance customer experience and drive product growth.

Drift's blog
Source: Drift

The Black Box of Product Management

The Black Box of Product Management by Brandon Chu offers a personal and technical look into the industry.

Brandon Chu is a product expert from Shopify, and he interviews thought leaders like him for the blog.

He shares insights from his experiences in the industry. He focuses on:

  • Strategies
  • Decision-making
  • Leading a product team

His blog is known for its engaging, easy-to-read articles. They blend personal anecdotes with professional lessons. Complex topics become accessible and relatable.

How to make the most of these resources

Maximizing these product management resources can supercharge your skills and knowledge. Here’s how.

  1. Apply insights in your day-to-day. Use what you learn in your daily work to make informed decisions and improvements.
  2. Dedicate time each week, or even daily, to read articles.
  3. Podcasts are perfect for learning on the go. Explore the audio format too.
  4. Share your learnings with the team. Discussing articles with colleagues can spark innovation and team growth.
  5. Sign up for newsletters to stay updated without having to remember to check each site
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Conclusion: elevate your product management game with the best blogs

Reading product management blogs can really help you stay ahead. These blogs offer fresh perspectives, the latest trends, and actionable advice that can directly impact your work. Want to make the most out of them? Integrate insights into your daily tasks, subscribe to newsletters, set learning time, try podcasts, and share what you learn with your team. Most people don’t do this, so you’ll stand out. You’ll also feel more comfortable and will progress your career faster. Happy learning!

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