Keep track of product feedback

Understand what your customers want so you can build the most impactful features.

Canny is your team's home for collecting product feedback

Collecting feedback with a feature voting board

Product feature voting board

Collect feedback publicly or privately in a dedicated feedback board. Over time, the most popular ideas will bubble up to the top.

  • Automatically group similar requests
  • Pin important updates at the top of any post
  • Reach out to everyone with the same request & enable discussion
  • Close the product feedback loop with automated updates
Collect feedback from existing customers

Use existing user accounts

Your customers don't need to sign up for Canny. Connect their existing user accounts to know who is giving you feedback.

  • Install Canny Identify—it's easy!
  • See all votes from a specific user on their profile
  • Include additional information like monthly spend, company type, or your own custom fields
Pull in product feedback from external sources

Collect feedback from other sources

You can collect feedback manually or by using one of our integrations. Every customer-facing team member should capture the feedback they hear.

  • Break down silos between teams—Canny is a great middle layer between customer-facing and product teams
  • Create a single process for collecting feedback across the whole team
Canny is built for B2B
The best software companies are customer-driven. Join these awesome teams who use customer feedback to build great products.
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