Product roadmap tools to help you prioritize features and build your roadmap

Score features, build your product roadmap, and keep stakeholders in the loop.

Determine what to build next and keep everyone updated

Canny's product roadmap software with prioritization scoring

Prioritize projects and features

Rank and score projects and feature requests so you know you’re working on the most impactful things.

  • Customize your prioritization scoring based on the factors that matter to your team and your product goals
  • Integrate customer feedback and feature request votes into your prioritization process
  • Build roadmaps based on which product feature request scores the highest
Canny's roadmap tool showing features under review, planned, and in progress

Communicate progress to customers and key stakeholders

Don’t let feedback collection feel like a black hole. Communicate product strategy and decisions to keep users and stakeholders updated with public or private roadmaps.

  • Notify customers and external stakeholders about new features to drive engagement
  • Track project status and keep your internal stakeholders on the same page
  • Show that your team is working hard to improve your product — let users track progress!
Canny's tool to automate product announcements to stakeholders

Sync with project management tools

Sync statuses between platforms while maintaining a cleaner backlog.

  • Push priorities to project management tools like GitHub and Jira without disrupting your existing workflow
  • See a real-time view of project statuses (instead of manually updating a spreadsheet) in a project roadmap
  • Keep your product backlog in Canny, instead of cluttering your project management tools

Leading companies rely on Canny's product roadmap software

GiveButter uses Canny to build feedback-driven product roadmaps

We want to let customer feedback really drive our roadmap. Not only on small enhancements and changes, but also on our major features.

Jesse Sandala

Jesse Sandala

Director of Product, GiveButter

Document360 builds trust with their public roadmap

Our Canny roadmap is public, so the whole world can see what we’re building. We believe that it adds credibility and instills trust.

Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar

Founder, Document360

Strapi built a community around their product development

We wanted to have a public roadmap where the community could interact with us and each other. It was important for us to give them a place where they can chat.

Aurélien Georget

Aurélien Georget

Chief Product Officer, Strapi


  • Definitely! Your product team can build as many roadmaps as you need, and create as many feedback boards as you need. You can also associate each product owner or product manager with specific boards and roadmaps. This way, they only see activity on the boards and roadmaps that matter to them.

  • Nope! While our roadmapping tool is a big feature for us, we offer a full suite of product management software. We can help you:

    • Collect user feedback
    • Manage feedback
    • Analyze feedback
    • Prioritize new features
    • Build your public roadmap
    • Manage your changelog

    You're covered for the entire feedback cycle!

  • First, you need to set up your roadmap. Then, you can add each new feature you plan to build to the roadmap. Canny also lets you add any ideas from your feedback board to a visual roadmap you build. This lets your stakeholders see what's being worked on next and understand your product plan. For more detailed info, check out our help doc.

  • Definitely! Our roadmapping software is connected to your feedback board. Just set that to private and restrict access to your team. This lets you foster team collaboration in roadmap planning away from public eyes.

  • We have plans to suit most companies' requirements and budgets. You can get started with our Free plan. It includes completely free product roadmap tools. You can use them until you need more powerful features and integrations (actually!). Then, you can look at our Startup, Growth, or Business plans.

  • As many as you want! All Canny plans include unlimited contributors, so add everyone who can help you reach your product goals. While product teams are usually the most involved, adding other team members is common (and very useful!). You can add customer success, design, sales, software development, and project management team members to help you build your next big feature!

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