Prioritize features and build your product roadmap

Score features, build your product roadmap, and keep stakeholders in the loop.

Determine what to build next and keep everyone updated

Product roadmap prioritization

Prioritize projects and features

Rank and score projects and feature requests so you know you’re working on the most impactful things.

  • Customize your prioritization scoring based on the factors that matter to your team
  • Integrate customer feedback and feature request votes into your prioritization process
  • Build roadmaps based on what projects score the highest
Product roadmap statuses

Communicate progress to customers and key stakeholders

Don’t let feedback collection feel like a black hole. Communicate product decisions and keep users and stakeholders updated with public or private roadmaps.

  • Notify customers about new features to drive engagement
  • Track project status and keep your team on the same page
  • Show that your team is working hard to improve your product
Sync your product roadmap with product management tools

Sync with project management tools

Sync statuses between platforms while maintaining a cleaner backlog.

  • Push priorities to project management tools like GitHub and Jira without disrupting your existing workflow
  • See a real-time view of project statuses (instead of manually updating a spreadsheet)
  • Keep your product backlog in Canny, instead of cluttering your project management tools
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