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Canny is a simple, modern alternative to Aha Ideas
Canny is an Aha Ideas alternative

Why people prefer Canny over Aha Ideas

Feedback first
Our main goal is to help your team manage customer feedback.
Feedback add-on
Aha is primarily a roadmapping tool. Everything else an afterthought.
Great user experience
Optimized end-user experience. We also have widgets you can embed seamlessly into your product.
Confusing user experience
No widgets and complex feedback flow. A confusing end-user experience means less feedback for your team.
Feedback from all channels
Keep track of feedback you get outside Canny in direct customer conversations.
Tunnel vision
Feedback in Aha only includes what customers added themselves.
First class support
You won’t need us often but when you do, we’ll be here.
Poor support
Fill out the support form and wait in line for a response.
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Import your Aha data
If you are currently a Aha Ideas customer, we can import your data. It'll be easy and free.
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