Canny is the feedback-driven Pendo Alternative

Pendo is a product analytics tool. Their feedback management tool is an afterthought, and it shows.

Canny is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, product management software built around user feedback. It's easy to set up, cost-effective, and makes feedback management a breeze.

A feedback board in Canny, a Pendo alternative, displaying users’ feature requests

Quick look: why people prefer Canny over Pendo

Canny's logo

Feedback first

The best tools for collecting, managing, and analyzing user feedback.

Feedback… kinda?

Undeveloped feedback tools with little flexibility

Only the features you need

We integrate with your existing workflow and tools

Feature bloated

Lots of tools available, but few are best-in class

Simple, straightforward design

Intuitive user experience and easy to use

Clunky user interface

There's too much going on and it can be confusing to use

Committed to customer success

Expect top-notch customer support regardless of what plan you're on

Enterprise only

Pendo focuses on enterprise accounts. Getting help can be challenging if you're not a huge company.

Canny compared to  Pendo

Pendo is primarily a product experience and digital adoption platform. They also offer Pendo Analytics, user onboarding, and roadmapping tools.

But, we're looking at product feedback management. Canny is the strongest Pendo alternative in that area.

Canny gives you everything you need to close the feedback loop:

  • Capture, manage, and analyze feedback from all sources
  • Add users' feature requests to your roadmap and keep them updated on your progress
  • Publish release notes to let users know you acted on their feedback

Feedback is far from Pendo's core focus. They acquired a feedback tool called Receptive in 2019, and that became Pendo Feedback. It hasn’t changed much since then.

The feature is undeveloped and doesn't work well with their other tools. They say as much on their own website:

"Does Pendo Feedback integrate with Pendo Analytics and Pendo In-app Guides? We have a lightweight integration between these products today, and are actively working on rebuilding Feedback inside the rest of the Pendo platform."

Their customers also voice that Pendo Feedback feels incomplete:

Currently, we are using the feedback product, which is not mature, and should have been in Beta mode

There's a big functionality gap between Canny and Pendo Feedback.

Canny's logo

Tools to help automate feedback management

Have to manually review each piece of feedback

Integrates with a wide range of tools: customer success, CRM, project management, communication, and others

Missing important integrations with many customer success, CRM, and project management tools

Feedback = Canny’s core – available on all plans (including Free)

Feedback only available as an add-on to paid Pendo plans

Canny is a product management tool built around the idea that user feedback is vital. It’s not an afterthought; it should inform your roadmap and product decisions.

“Canny really helps us not just with feedback management, but also with decision-making. It pushes us to be more creative with what we’re building next. Because, Canny helps us balance user ideas with our own input.”

Philippe Lehoux

CEO at Missive

Canny offers a more intuitive user experience

Canny is straightforward and intuitive to use. It's easy to set up, customize, and not unnecessarily complicated.

Pendo’s interface has too much going on and it can be difficult to use.

“The interface is tedious, and it is hard to find things if you are not entirely familiar with the platform.”

Canny is less expensive than Pendo

It's hard to know how much you'll pay to access Pendo Feedback. It's only available as an add-on to their paid plans which start at $7,000 per year. You'll need to speak to sales and get a quote, but expect to pay between $14,000 to $50,000 for a plan including feedback.

They also charge based on monthly active users, so costs will increase as you grow.

Canny’s pricing is straightforward and offers more value. You can sign up with one of our self-serve plans right away — no need to chat with our team.



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Growth, starts at


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More details and custom pricing options available

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Need a demo, or pricing that’s tailored to your specific needs? You got it. We’re standing by—you’ll be able to hop on a call with our team and discuss your options.

Canny customers and use cases

Pendo Feedback can work if you're a huge company already using Pendo for product adoption analytics. You'll have less functionality, but would only need one tool.

If you're looking to maximize the value of feedback with best-in-class tools, Pendo Feedback can't deliver.

Canny is a flexible, customizable solution. We have customers all the way from 2-person startups to billion dollar companies like CircleCI and Mercury.

“We already use so many different tools, so adopting a new one can come with its challenges. But Canny is so easy to use and so straightforward that switching to it felt natural.”

Ida Ström

Senior Product Designer at Mercury

And, Canny isn’t just for collecting feedback from customers. Internal teams also use it to link user feedback to their product roadmap and announce feature updates.

Switching to Canny from Pendo

Currently a Pendo Feedback customer?

Switching is easy and free. We can migrate all of your data from Pendo to Canny within 48 hours. Reach out to us to get started.

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