Customer feedback tools to help you build what users want and boost satisfaction

Capture, organize, and prioritize all your feedback. Build the features that matter most.

Comments and reviews from customers
Feedback collected and organized in a feature voting board

All your customer feedback in one place

Leave endless spreadsheets and email chains behind

  • Invite customers to leave feedback and feature requests directly on your board

  • Automatically pass feedback from customer conversations in your CRM and chat tools

  • Let your team add feedback and votes on your users' behalf

  • Prevent duplicate feedback - let users add votes and comments to existing posts

Add feedback on behalf of your customers via different sources

Capture feedback where you connect with your users

Our integrations let you easily collect feedback and send it to Canny

  • Gather feedback while chatting with customers in Intercom and Zendesk

  • Let sales track feedback on behalf of contacts in Salesforce and HubSpot

  • Capture feedback anywhere on the web and social media with our Chrome extension

  • Get feedback on any page of your site with our website feedback tool widget

Existing customer profiles including feedback they submitted

Understand what features your top customers want

Connect your customer data to see who is leaving feedback

  • Create segments (like paying customers) to see what features those users want

  • Understand which features would help your sales team close more deals

  • Build your roadmap prioritization formula to surface the most important features

  • Connect Google Analytics to learn more about who leaves you feedback

Instantly reply to several customers at once to show you're listening

Engage your users and improve customer experience

Respond directly to customer feedback and make users a part of your product process

  • Ask probing questions to understand the “why” behind their requests

  • Let users interact with each other and build a community around your product

  • Keep everyone updated as you add features to your roadmap and ship them

  • Build customer loyalty and improve customer retention

Let AI help you to respond and summarize

Dive deeper and save time with powerful AI features

AI powers several key features that help you understand your customers better

  • Let Smart Replies automatically respond to customers' feedback with probing questions

  • Use comment summaries to instantly recap lengthy feedback threads

Thousands of companies make managing feature requests easy with Canny

ClickUp uses Canny's user feedback software to track requests from their growing user base

Getting Canny set up couldn't have been easier. We started with a blank canvas and allowed our users to paint the rest.

Zeb Evans

Zeb Evans

Founder at ClickUp

Canny's customer feedback tools help Aryeo reduce customer support queries and drive engagement

Canny has reduced the number of inbounds in our support inbox by 20%, which is a big deal.

Chelsea Darby

Chelsea Darby

Customer Success Lead at Aryeo

Ahrefs uses Canny to simplify feedback collection and understand customer needs 

The learning curve was almost nothing for me because Canny was so simple and intuitive. If I were to create customer feedback software, this is exactly how it would work.

Tim Suolo

Tim Suolo

CMO at Ahrefs

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  • Installing Canny on your site is quick and easy. When you sign up you'll get your own portal that you can link to from your website app.

    Canny's user-friendly interface complements your user experience:

    • Customize your feedback portal with your brand colors and logo

    • Install our feedback widget on any page to give users a quick and easy feedback form

    • Let users share feedback via your Intercom chat

    You can also add Canny to any page on your site by embedding our widget.

  • Definitely! Listening to customer feedback goes a long way in improving customer sentiment. When clients see that you're working on their feature requests, they trust you more.

    Clients often see improvements in net promoter scores (NPS) and customer effort scores (CES).

    Plus, it can help you collect customer reviews. Some clients see improved G2 ratings with reviewers praising responsiveness to feedback.

  • We don't have a survey tool built into Canny. But, you can add your survey results and organize them on your feedback board.

    You can also pass custom properties from your CRM into Canny if you want to know more about your users. For example, many customers will connect customers' NPS survey responses. This lets them see what features both happy and unhappy customers request.

  • There are many teams that can benefit from Canny:

    • Customer service can show customers you listen and act on their feedback

    • Product managers can see your most popular feedback. They also gain actionable insights by engaging directly with users

    • Sales can share feature requests from promising leads and keep them updated

    • Design gets feedback from website visitors about your user experience

    These are just a few examples. Canny benefits anyone who would like to understand and engage with your customers.

  • Our customer and client feedback tools are the core of our platform. But we offer a lot more than just feedback collection and management. Canny offers product management tools including roadmapping and product announcement tools. These tools are all connected to the product feedback you receive.