Canny for Salesforce

Track feedback on behalf of contacts in Salesforce
The Canny widget that lives inside Salesforce, showing previous requests and a button to add a new one.
Keep track of your prospect's dealbreakers
Close more deals by staying on top of what prospects are asking for. You'll know the status of these requests from your product team.
A form that lets you search for an existing feedback item, or add a new one.
No need to leave Salesforce
Send feedback to your product team without disrupting your current workflow. Search and create Canny posts from Salesforce.
The breakdown of all feedback and opportunities.
All your feedback in one place
Canny keeps track of all votes that came from Salesforce. Link potential revenue opportunities to inform your product decisions.
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  • This is a process of collecting, organizing, and actioning customer feedback. When you gather actionable insights from your users, you end up building better products. At the same time, you boost customer satisfaction. That's because customer experience improves when users feel heard.

    Canny helps you set up an effective feedback management system without leaving Salesforce.

  • Salesforce is usually a home for customer data. Let's keep it this way. You don't need to leave the tool you know and love to manage user feedback.

    Capture customer sentiment in Salesforce CRM. Then, send ideas from your sales prospects directly to Canny. In Canny, you'll be able to track the status of these requests, prioritize them, and more. That feedback data will help your product management.

  • We have a variety of plans to fit your feedback management needs. Get started with our Free plan - it has everything you need to collect and manage customer feedback. And our Salesforce integration helps you manage it all in one place.

    Note: Salesforce integration is only available on our Business plan.

  • In addition to Salesforce, we also integrate with many other popular tools. For example:

    • Hubspot

    • Slack

    • Microsoft Teams

    • Intercom

    • Zendesk

    • And many more

    Check out the full list of integrations here.