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How AgencyAnalytics uses Canny to earn more revenue and avoid churn

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AgencyAnalytics is a reporting and dashboarding tool for digital marketing agencies. It helps marketers collect all their ad data and analyze it in one central place. Right now, the company works with 5,600+ marketing agencies and has almost 100 people on their team.


Jay Patel is a product manager for the integration team at AgencyAnalytics. His team in particular is laser-focused on the voice of the customer. The team quickly realized that their feedback volume was too much for an Excel spreadsheet to handle. So, they started looking for a better solution.

“You think you might have just five or ten requests and a spreadsheet can handle them. But then you realize that there are different cohorts of customers with various use cases and requirements. So now the spreadsheet is getting longer and longer, and trying to make sense of it is just too much.”

Trying to keep track of all those requests while keeping the customers happy was becoming a big challenge. And using spreadsheets to manage it just wasn’t scalable.


Canny became the perfect solution for AgencyAnalytics. It helps their teams really pay attention to their customers and keep their feedback organized.

“AgencyAnalytics strives for simplicity. And we can tell that Canny does too. It doesn’t overwhelm you with features. The design is clean and simple too, and it helps us do exactly what we need.”

AgencyAnalytics uses several boards in Canny to separate different ideas. This helps their users too – they log in to Canny and see a board that discusses only relevant features.

AgencyAnalytics even has a dedicated person that manages each community. The team is also using tags, the Intercom integration, and the ClickUp integration.

Several teams at AgencyAnalytics use Canny to stay organized: sales, customer support, customer success, and even engineering. Once they receive feedback, the product, design, and engineering teams get involved. They all assess each feature request in detail, as well as:

  • Each use case
  • The potential MRR
  • The churn risk

The sales team at AgencyAnalytics in particular really enjoys using Canny.

“Without leaving Hubspot, our sales team can communicate what the potential users want. Canny helps us not only keep the current MRR and make our current users happy, but also opens up opportunities for more revenue.”

Engineers and designers appreciate not needing to contact customers for details on their feedback. They can see customer requests and the conversations with them right in Canny. If they need clarification, they can also engage with the customers. That open flow of communication means a lot to AgencyAnalytics. Plus, it helps with their customer retention too!


It's important for AgencyAnalytics that they build features requested by their existing customers. On average for every month in 2022, AgencyAnalytics built requested features that were attributed to $120k of existing MRR.

“Canny has played a huge role in our understanding of what our customers need. What’s more, it’s now easy to see what they need right now, and what they need in the long term. Thanks to Canny, we find the issues that are most requested, avoid churn, and generate more revenue.”

The bottom line, according to Jay, is this: your customers will talk about you anyway. So why not control that conversation? If you can address their concerns, offer solutions, and deliver what they’re asking for, why wouldn’t you? All of that is possible with Canny.

“You can also keep your customers in the loop about your progress. They’ll feel like they’re in the center of your product and will stay with you.”

AgencyAnalytics strives to maintain their platform’s simplicity, serve their customers, and ultimately build a better product. This aligns so well with our goals at Canny, and we’re excited to continue the journey together with AgencyAnalytics.

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