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How Jane Technologies streamlined user feedback and boosted company culture

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Jane Technologies is a comprehensive tool for the cannabis community. Today, over 2,500 dispensaries and brands use Jane to create website menus, review data, and manage their businesses online.

Rachel Schaaf is Jane’s senior director of partner success and technical support. That means she and her team are responsible for supporting millions of end-users and thousands of retail partners. Not an easy task!


As Rachel onboards new partners and clients, she hears a lot of ideas for improvement. At first, she’d track those requests in ClickUp. Since the engineers at Jane use ClickUp, it made sense…until it didn’t.

“It became a black hole of lists with no context. There was no easy and quick way of seeing which issue is the most urgent or important.”

What’s more, Rachel had to backtrack through each request to figure out who requested what. Jane Technologies works with many partners, so keeping track of every partner’s requests was too challenging.

Rachel was spending hours manually tracking each feature request, exporting them to Excel, and trying to match them to partners.


When a new product manager came on board, the team identified their number one goal: improve communication across the organization.

The search for a product management tool began. After considering a few alternatives, Jane selected Canny. In particular, the team really needed a tool that integrated with their existing tech stack.

The fact that updates in Canny automatically sync with ClickUp and Salesforce is a huge help for Jane for Technologies.

“When our sales reps are talking to a prospect, they often hear a request for a very specific feature. Now, they can quickly log that in Canny and mention how important it is. For example, if no one in the industry does that, it presents a huge opportunity for us.”

Rachel loves that she doesn’t have to import all of Jane’s older requests manually. It was a huge time saver!

On an ongoing basis, Canny saves Rachel hours every week.

Rachel adds that Canny brings visibility to the entire organization. Before, the sales team might not have known about certain new features, but now everyone’s on the same page. Similarly, the product team might not have known what features sales needed to close deals.

Now, everyone is on the same page.


Overall, the transition to Canny was smooth and seamless, according to Rachel.

“Now I can just invite anyone from the team to submit a request in Canny. They can vote on features on behalf of their partners.”

On top of that, Rachel believes that they achieved their goal of improving team communication thanks to Canny.

“We’re much more efficient with our feature requests now. Canny’s consolidating ideas and making our requests as straightforward as possible.”

These positive changes also helped the culture at Jane. Rachel noted that Jane has always been an open and transparent organization. So, getting everyone on the same page with feature prioritization has been instrumental in supporting that. It also helps to set reasonable expectations around timelines and priorities.

Canny brought some additional benefits to Rachel’s team that she didn’t anticipate.

“I didn’t expect to use the roadmap as much as I do. Now, it’s a big part of our planning conversations. I can quickly see and follow up on the projects that are past-due for example.”

Rachel mentions that their customers have noted how Jane’s response time has improved too.

To teams that are contemplating getting Canny, Rachel recommends:

“Show it to your teams. As soon as they start using it, they’ll see how easy it is and how much more streamlined your life could be.”

We couldn’t agree more! Give Canny a free try here!

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