Manage ideas from customers and teammates

Organize feedback to extract insights and build better products.

Canny streamlines your feedback collection process

One place for all feedback

Feedback comes in on many different channels from both customers and teammates. Get valuable insights by having all feedback in a single place.

  • Capture feedback at scale in a manageable way
  • See a list of new features or improvements based on demand

Triage feedback to the right person

Product managers own different areas of the product. Make sure the feedback they see is relevant to their product area.

  • Make it easy for product managers to consider feedback
  • Empower product teams with data so they build the right features

Manage expectations across the board

Not every feature should be built. Communicate to customers and teammates which features have been prioritized.

  • Provide explanations for product decisions
  • Encourage collaboration on prioritized features
Canny is built for B2B
The best software companies are customer-driven. Join these awesome teams who use their feedback to build great products.
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