Keep track of feature requests to make informed product decisions

Understand what your customers want so you can build the most impactful features.
Feature request management graphic

One centralized place for all your feedback tracking and management

Keep track of feature requests in one place

All feature requests in one organized place

No more feedback scattered across spreadsheets and conversations.

  • Organized feature requests means you can actually use them to inform product decisions
  • Reach out to everyone with the same request and enable discussion
  • Close the feedback loop with automated updates
Keep track of feedback from any source

Track requests from other sources

Don't let anything slip through the cracks. Track feedback manually or use one of our integrations.

  • Break down silos between teams; sales and marketing should work in harmony with product
  • Create a single feature request collection process across the whole team
See who is giving the feedback

Identity is key

Not all customers are created equal. It's important context to know who is giving you feedback.

  • Make decisions based on the requests from your target segment
  • Keep track of features needed to close specific deals
  • Users don’t need to log in to give feedback—Canny manages this automatically
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