Thousands of software teams trust Canny to inform their product decisions

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How Ahrefs uses Canny to track feature requests and set customer expectations.

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How Mercury found a drastic improvement in efficiency and productivity

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Ida Ström
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How CircleCI uses Canny as their home for feedback to inform their product decisions.

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How ClickUp uses Canny to keep track of feedback from a rapidly growing user base.

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How Axios uses Canny to align internal teams, inform stakeholders, and reduce time spent on messy communications.

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"I know if we stopped using Canny today, tracking feature requests would be a disaster."
Tim Soulo, CMO at Ahrefs
Tim Soulo
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How Sticker Mule uses Canny to reveal big wins.

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How Figured uses Canny to strengthen team collaboration and build community.

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How AgencyAnalytics uses Canny to earn more revenue and avoid churn.

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How Strapi uses Canny to interact with their community and close more deals.

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How Knak's customer success team uses Canny to streamline feedback processes.

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"Canny has reduced the number of inbounds in our support inbox by 20%, which is a big deal."
Chelsea Darby, Customer Success Lead at Aryeo
Chelsea Darby
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How Missive uses Canny to cut down on support time and prioritize new features.

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Jane Technologies case study

How Jane Technologies streamlined user feedback and boosted company culture.

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GiveButter case study

How GiveButter crushed their NPS and predicted the future with Canny.

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How Document360 uses Canny to be customer-obsessed and close new business.

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How Akiflow organized their feedback and started winning back churned customers.

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How Canny helps Pallyy save time and shape their roadmap.

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Hive logo

How Hive uses Canny to collaborate across departments and increase their NPS.

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Michaela Rollings and Kelley Bunge
Outlier case study

How Outlier scored big with product-led growth and community engagement.

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