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Dive into the data to better inform your product roadmap
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Follow up with users to drive satisfaction and loyalty
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What they're saying
“Canny has been a great, simple, low‑effort way for React Native to understand the needs of a large group of users.”
Kevin Lacker
Engineering Manager at Facebook
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“Canny takes the guess work away—we get 20/20 insight to inform our roadmap. It's also really low effort for our customers to provide feedback. Lifesaver.”
Stefan Pretty
Founder at Subbly
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“Live chat sets unrealistic expectations for support because it's so high maintenance. Canny helps us continue to support our users while we grow.”
Haya Odeh
Co-Founder at Replit
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“Many people specifically say in reviews that I'm good at responding to feedback and adding requested features – Canny was a big part of that perception.”
Dan Leveille
Creator of Dododex
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