Make better product decisionsOrganize feedback to learn what your users want most
Stop making gut decisionsUse data to be confident that you’re building the right things
Show your users you careImpress your users by simply listening to what they have to say
Write fewer emailsUnderstand what your users want without 1:1 conversations
How it works
Embed Canny in your website or mobile app to let your users post & vote on feedback.
“Canny has been a great, simple, low‑effort way for React Native to understand the needs of a large group of users.”
Kevin Lacker
Engineering Manager at Facebook
React Native prioritizes feature requests by user interest.
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“Live chat sets unrealistic expectations for support because it's so high maintenance. Canny helps us continue to support our users while we grow.”
Haya Odeh
Co-Founder of Replit
Replit separates feedback they get from teachers and students.
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“Many people specifically say in reviews that I'm good at responding to feedback and adding requested features – Canny was a big part of that perception.”
Dan Leveille
Creator of Dododex
Dododex stands out by listening to their users.
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